16 thoughts on “Welcome to the Perp Alert

    • J so u would not have continued on the path you were on without us intervening? Would u not have walked into an org and joined without them knowing what u were doing previously. And your pic is still in the archives just not available to everyone. The org admin asked for your removal with a very compelling argument on your behalf. Will this continue yes it shall.

      • Ugh I just typed a long message and lost it! Ok here we go again. I was misinformed by a member of the org that I could wear this shirt. We went over some stuff and he referred to me as a ghost member. This I never heard of, but long story short he told me I could wear his shirt. Like a dummy I believed him. Futhermore, this could heart my chances at running for public offices after I finish law school. Most important for me is my son. I don’t want my son to see this when he is older. You said someone argued on my behalf, tell them I said thank you. This image can be seen from a google search. This can also be a form of cyber bullying. Fortunately i am not a weak minded person who would commit suicide behind this. It would be nice to have that removed and please know that I learned a valuable lesson. Also this could hurt my chances of joining.

      • The org in question is who argued on your behalf. And I will assume they told u to lay low. Which right now you are not doing. My suggestion is to do as they asked. As for joining. You may have hurt urself in that regard. As these orgs don’t take too kindly to that behavior. As for bullying, we did not tell you to portray yourself as you did we just informed the public that u did. As for the pic, as you know once it’s out there it cannot be recalled though we are not displaying it. But the information was indeed correct

  1. How am I not laying low? By questioning the posting of this pic? I have not done anything regarding the org since I foolishly posted this pic. I understand that the pic is in archive for limited viewing but if it can be seen from google then what purpose does limited viewing serve? Yes you are right once it is out there it is hard to get off but you can start by removing this one. God Bless.

    • Its already removed I wasn’t speaking on the site u was speaking on the server not accessible to anyone. Though u are right it can be seen on Google as it did exist. but you sir are not laying low. You still don’t get it do you. We didn’t and currently are not hurting your chances…. You are. This is not one person this is several. Obviously someone told u to stay quiet, but you keep speaking. You want to help your chances I would suggest being silent, stop drawing attention to yourself. Do u not think others can see this back and forth. My suggestion is to be quiet. Have breakfast with the fam in the morn and be ready to explain yourself when the time comes for that, currently your just sinking your own ship.

      • THANK YOU FOR REMOVING IT! The type of attention I brought recently was a newspaper article not published by me but by a law school stating my honors. I will do as you say and lay low. I don’t know who you are but if you ever need anything let me know.

      • Cool. You don’t owe anything to us, if the men of that org find you duly fitted to join I suggest you work your tail off for that org. If anything we would need it would be that, though this is not an affiliated of any of these orgs, the work they do is great. If u make it just be better than it’s name suggest you are.

  2. He has two charges of domestic violence in the state of Mississippi, plus his enrollment in law school may be fabricated as well. I don’t know what office he thinks he will obtain. Maybe he will perp that too.

    • Also, he was well aware at what he was doing. He claimed to have pledge 3 different alumni chapters in Tennessee , Boston, and Lansing Michigan.

    • The Admins of the facebook group decided to close it. Its a meme stalking thing. I know you guys like the commentary, but meme is beyond overboard. So at least for now the group is closed. I know that doesnt help the funny. lol but all people will be posted here. 😦

  3. I understand! Is there a way that she can be blocked from the group? Hopefully she will go away once she sees the group is closed and eventually it can be reopen. I see the pics but I want to see the funny lol

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